Temperature NTC

Temperature NTC

This thermoprobe consists of a small diameter glass coated thermistor bead hermetically sealed at the tips of shock resistant glass rods. The extremely small size allows an ultra fast response time of 7 msec at 1m /sec flow.

The thermistor beads are aged for extended periods at a temperature of 300 degree Celsius which results in an excellent long term stability and accuracy. The thermistor element is glued with adhesive into the sensor tip and protected by a perforated tube against impact and collision with other material. The angular width for undisturbed measurements is approximately 120 degrees which allows sinking velocities down to 30 cm/sec. The sensor tip is made of titanium and screwed into the microstructure flange. The microstructure flange has the same sensor shaft as the standard sensors but is distictly longer.

The sensitive elements of all microstructure sensors are located in a horizontal plane 150 mm above the bottom cap surface. Inside the microstructure flange there is a small printed circuit board containing the electronic circuitry for the preamplifier and linearization of the NTC-characteristic and offering optimum protection against electromagnetic induced noise.

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Technical data:

Manufacturer: ISW
Type: Thermometrics FP07
Time constant: 11..12 msec
Power supply:  +5 Volt, -5 Volt
Current consumption: +/- 3 mA
Length:  152 mm