Support for project setup, quotes and cost evaluations: The Sea & Sun Technology team is ready and prepared to fully support its clients with their water measurement tasks in the maritime and the limnic sector.

Our clients can rely on expert advice from professional engineers. Each request for a quote and each project will be assessed by a qualified engineer and our experienced management, so that we can provide the right products for our customers’ needs.

Simply send us your project setup with an explanation of the data quality you want to achieve and we will come up with a qualified suggestion. In case of very complex, new research setups or monitoring requirements it might be helpful to setup a project to estimate budgets, costs and benefits. Do not hesitate to contact us for support in these cases as well. Our team of engineers from Sea & Sun Technology will come up with a recommendation on how to handle such a project and what to do to develop special probes especially designed for your water measurement needs.

Rent a measurement expert: Even in difficult environments our clients can rely on us: From the high seas to wastewater treatment plants we generate the data you can rely on to get the basis for making the proper decisions. If you happen to need the support of a measurement expert, to assist your team during a project for a period of time, just contact us and we will see how we can help. In any case we will provide an assistant who is educated in measuring with our CTD probes. We aim to support our clients with more than just high quality products.

Support for quality control and calibration:  The Sea & Sun Technology team’s biggest support  lies in the reliable quality you can expect from our CTD and MSS probes. We offer a 10 year warranty on our probes, because we are very confident about the pure quality of our products. Our intention is that our customers can rely on precise data. That is why our customers can always trust the expert calibrations of their probes with proven calibration protocols. These will be sent to you and stored on our system (please also see our data protection description)

Documentation support: Included in each of our probes is a document that will explain the production, assembly, and delivery methods for every calibration cycle. If you require special details or if you have documentation obligations within scientific projects we can always send you the complete documentation of CTD or MSS probes. Such standard documentation requests are free of charge.

Cash Back Support for all our probes and recycling promise: In case you no longer require one of our products just call us. We will send you an offer for the current value. In any case we promise to recycle the probe properly. This offer is for all of our CTD or MSS probes.