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Here you will find the reliable water measurement probes for oceanography, limnology, hydrography, ground water, waste water and mining.

Sea & Sun Technology is a global system supplier for marine tech. With our highly specialized team in Germany we develop, produce and sell high precision underwater probes. The Sea & Sun Technology has become a significant partner in innovative underwater measurement technology. We are a research driven company with numerous oceanographic and hydrographic research projects, with “best in class” partners worldwide. With more than 20 years in business and a warranty of 10 years on our titanium probes you will not find better partners for oceanographic or limnological measurement. If you need reliable and precise measurement data, you will be very satisfied with our products and services.

We solve your water measurement challenges!

How to do the best measuring?

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We have gathered some pragmatic insights and tips on how to prepare and execute measurement campaigns as well as ensure precise data even in the roughest environments. Enjoy the integrated knowledge.

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