The turbidity sensor is based on the SEAPOINT turbidity meter in the bulkhead version, which is screwed onto a special flange. Electrical connection is achieved by a separable 6 pin round connector.

The Turbidity sensor measures the concentration of suspended matter. It is equipped with a pulsed infrared light transmitter and detects the scattered light from the particles suspended in water. Transmitter and detector arrangement uses 90° scattering at a wavelength of 880 nm. The output signal is proportional to the particle concentration in a very wide range. For detailed description of Seapoint turbidity meter refer to the special user manual.

The gain (or the range) can be selected with two small single in line switches on the analogue board. Default range is 0 – 500 FTU. The high range is nonlinear above 1250 FTU. For more information please have a look at chapter 8, page 55. If the user needs a greater range, he should decide to adapt another instrument (e.g. Turner Cyclops-7 turbidity).

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Technical data:          

Power: 7 – 20 VDC, 3,5 mA average
Signal: 0…5 VDC (each range)
Scatterance angle: 90° average (15…150°)
Light source wavelength: 880 nm
Linearity: 2%
Depth capability: 6000 m
Size: 2,5 cm diameter, 11 cm length
Ranges: 0-25, 0-125, 0-500, 0-4000 FTU