H2S sensor

H2S sensor

The amperometric H2S micro-sensor measures the dissolved H2S partial pressure in the water.

Its micro sized glass tip is membrane covered and only permeable for H2S gas. If it is combined with a pH and temperature sensor, the following parameters can be calculated: total dissolved sulphide amount in the sample and the hydrogen sulphide ion/sulphide ion concentration.

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Technical data:          

Manufacturer: AMT
Model: SW-UF-SA
Measuring ranges:     Type III (0,01…3 mg/l H2S);

Type II (0,5…50 mg/l H2S);

Type I (0,05…10 mg/l H2S)

Maximum depth: 100 m
Shaft material: titanium
Sensitive tip: glass
Response time: < 1 sec
Accuracy: 2% of measuring value
Measuring principle: amperometry, membrane covered sensor
Polarization: necessary, realized by means of integrated electronic board (-85mV)
Temperature range: 0°C … 30°C for storage and measurement
pH-range: 0 … 8,5
Average life time: 9 months (depends on the H2S stress and on the sample)

H2S sensor and flange have the same mechanical dimensions as the fast DO sensor. Be aware that both sensor tips will not be mixed.