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Welcome to Sea & Sun Technology

Would you like to work together with our international team of water measurement experts?

Sea & Sun Technology GmbH provides “best-in-class” water probes and solutions for the maritime sector and the limnic sector. We measure water quality to improve the quality of the most important resource we have on earth: clean water

Thanks to steadfast innovations from our 4 calibration labs worldwide, our probes can provide precise results with the highest standards. Our specialists and experienced engineers help our clients solve their problems and achieve their goals. For each client we provide expert advice. In addition, if a scientific measurement problem occurs, that cannot be solved, we will develop a suitable solution together with our research partners from institutes and universities.

Our clients come from:

  • scientific institutes from limnic or maritime research
  • governmental institutes for water quality monitoring
  • navy
  • offshore industry
  • deep sea mining
  • waste water treatment
  • mining

We provide reliable data so our clients can fulfill their important tasks.
Please note: in order to work efficiently on our team, you should be fluent in German.

Currently we offer these jobs

Unfortunately there are no vacancies at the moment.

For any inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact us via email: or by phone at the following number: +49 4323 910 913

Sea & Sun Technology GmbH
Arndtstr. 9-13
24610 Trappenkamp