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Hamilton – pH sensor

Polilyte Plus XP is designed to withstand demanding applications in chemical and petrochemcial industries. It is also suitable for process water, wastewater treatment and many other applications more. Because of its two Single Pore diaphragms you will never have liquid junction problems and total breakdowns. The Polilyte Plus XP shows good measurement accuracy in highly alkaline solutions as well as in samples with low conductivity. Additionally, the Everef-L reference cartidge ensures a long lifetime. The Polilyte Plus XP is especially suited for very high pressures up to 50 bar. ©

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Technical data:          

Manufacturer: Hamilton
Model: Polylite Plus 120 XP
Measuring range: 0-14
Maximum depth: 500 m
Shaft diameter: 12 mm
Length with flange: 167 mm
Response time: approx. 1 sec
Sensor head: S8
O-ring: 12*1,5 mm

H2S resistant industrial versions for 100m depth are available!