CO2 sensor

CO2 sensor

The measurement of dissolved carbon dioxide (excluding HCO3 – and CO3 2-) in water is one of the most important parameters for water monitoring.
The sensor is designed to be interfaced externally to CTD probe systems, to own measuring systems or as stand alone sensor.

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Main features of the Carbon Dioxide Sensor:

– submersible direct reading sensor for natural and industrial waters and sea water

– detects CO2 and total inorganic carbon when measuring additionally pH

– no signal interferences to silicate, phosphate, HCO3– and CO32-

– built-in reference measurement for superior stability

– calibration coefficients stored internally

– for depths of up to 1,000 m

– less than 0.5 W power consumption

– with analogue or digital output (please select)

– with internal temperature compensation

– compensation of humidity and other influences

– heated sensor head to avoid condensation


Technical data of the membrane covered optical carbon dioxide sensor:

Measuring ranges: 15 mg/l, 50 mg/l, 340 mg/l and others on request (please select one)

Accuracy: 0…5 mg/l CO2: ± 0.06 mg/l

5…15 mg/l CO2: ± 2 % of the measuring value

15…50 mg/l CO2: ± 3.5 % of the measuring value

50…80 mg/l CO2: ± 1.5 mg/l CO2

80…340 mg/l CO2: ± 6 mg/l CO2


Dimensions: 225 mm length, 33 mm diameter

Housing material: Titanium

Connector: Subconn MCBH4M

Power supply: 12-30 VDC when using the digital or voltage output or 20-30 VDC when using the current output

Power consumption:< 0.5 W

Warm up time: < 12 seconds, < 2 minutes for full accuracy

Maximum deployment depth: 1,000 m/1,000 dbar

Available outputs: 4…20 mA, 0…5 V DC or digital output R-S485

Temperature range for storage and measurement: 0…60°C

Internal temperature compensation

Compensation of humidity and other influences