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Acceleration sensor


To determine the level of vibration during the profiling process, the MSS probe is equipped with a highly sensitive vibration control sensor. The vibration control sensor measures the horizontal acceleration of the profiler in one direction using a piezoceramic element. Horizontal acceleration of the profiler generates a lifting force at a cantilever construction inside the ACC-sensor. The lifting force and thus the output of the sensor is proportional to the acceleration. Due to the lack of space on the bottom end cap the ACC-sensor is mounted inside the probe.

The housing of the ACC-sensor has a length of 70mm and a diameter of 10mm and is made of brass. At the bottom side is a mounting thread M4. Inside the brass cylinder is the piezo element and a tiny SMD preamplifier for the amplification of the ultra high impedance sensor signal.

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Technical data:

Pressure resistance: 1000 bar
Response time: 4ms
Principle: Piezo element
Maximum depth: 1000 m