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Fast oxygen sensor

The AMT fast DO shallow water sensor is a galvanic micro-sensor, which has been developed for very fast in-situ profiling of dissolved oxygen with CTD probe systems for depths of up to 100 m.

The sensor has a very short response time. A streaming of the membrane (as it is well known from nearly all kind of Clark-type oxygen sensors) is not necessary. Therefore, profiling and stationary measurements without stirring the analyte becomes possible with a very high signal and local resolution. The sensor is self-polarising. This avoids long adjustment times after switching on. The adjustment time depends only on the membrane swelling in water, if the sensor has dried out during storage and on the exchange of oxygen concentration at the very small sensor membrane.
The sensor has a limited lifetime of typical 12 – 16 month. Since the membrane and electrolyte cannot be exchanged, it has to be replaced.

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Technical data:

Manufacturer:  AMT
Model: galvanic Clark-type micro-sensor
Polarisation voltage: approx. -0,7VDC, self-polarising
Range: 0 – 200 %
Oxygen current:  0 – 5 μA
Temperature range: 0°C – 30°C
Response time: typ. < 1sec
Accuracy: + /-2 %
Maximum depth: 100 m