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The Sea & Sun DataWatch is the tiniest and perhaps smartest device to control and download the data from any Sea & Sun probe.
Using the Sea and Sun Bluetooth cable drum for the probe connection releases any researcher or metrologist from carrying a laptop or ragtop around on board.
With the Bluetooth connection the data from the probe is immediately uploaded to the flash storage on the Sea & Sun DataWatch and can be connected to any Windows computer later.
The Sea & Sun DataWatch is much cheaper than any computer, is water proof and has 4 GB of Flash Memory. Enough for years of data storage for any probe and any sensor from Sea & Sun Technology.

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Data transfer: USB, Bluetooth

Waterproof SONY SmartWatch 3 SWR50 (IP68)
Size: 36x10x51
Weight: 38 gramms

Electronic specifications:
GPS, compass
Android Wear
SST SeaWatch® App
1.6 inch TFT Display
1.2 GHz, Quard-core ARM
512 MB RAM, 4GB flash memory
Bluetooth® 4.0, Wi-Fi, NFC

Provided accessories:
Bluetooth Cable Drum,
Multi Parameter Probe.

not necessary

Usage time:
Typical usage – up to 2 days
Standby time- up to 4 days