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Bluetooth® Cable Drum

Robust cable drum with integrated Bluetooth ® interface for wireless communication with the data acquisition device.
The Sea & Sun Technologies Bluetooth® Cable Drum is a small handy system to facilitate the handling of probes in shallow waters and in the central coastal area up to 220 meters water depth. Due to the small size and small weight, the cable drum is an ideal replacement for winches.

An integrated Bluetooth module is wirelessly transmitting the data of the cable drum for processing / storage. This provides the user better movement and easier handling during the measuring process.

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Technical data:

  • Maximum cable length: 220 m
  • Weight (without cable): approx. 3,3 Kg (7,28 lb)
  • Distance between drum and acquisition device: 10m (open field)
  • operating time per charge: when connecting a CTD 48 approx. 10h (depending on equipment)
  • Baud rates: 1200, 2400, 4800 and 9600
  • External supply (e.g. by car (12V)) possible
  • Integrated LiFePo4 batteries including balancer for safe charging:
    • number of loading cycles up to about 2000
    • deep discharge protection
  • Radio type approved for US (FCC/CFR 47 part 15 unlicensed modular transmitter approval), Europe (ETSI R&TTE), Japan (MIC – formerly TELEC) and Canada (IC RSS).