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Clark electrode – Oxygen sensor

The oxygen sensor measures the dissolved oxygen in the water using polarographic methods. The platinum cathode has a diameter of 4mm and is encased with a teflon membrane. The oxygen current consumption ranges from 0 to 12 μA due to the big diameter of the platinum wire. The relative high current consumption requires a minimum current flow of 10 cm/sec in order to avoid qxygen depletion in front of the membrane.
The sensor has a limited lifetime of typical 12 – 16 month. Since the membrane and electrolyte cannot be exchanged, it has to be replaced.

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Technical data:

Manufacturer:  SST/Oxyguard DO41M18
Type: Clark electrode, self galvanizing
Polarisation voltage: -0,7 VDC
Range: 0 – 250 %
Oxygen current:  0 – 12 μA
Temperature range: -2°C – 36°C
Response time: approx. 3 sec
Accuracy: + /-3 %
Maximum depth: 2000 m