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Conductivity Sensor

The conductivity cell consists of a quartz glass cylinder with 7 platinum coated ring electrodes. Because of the small inner diameter of 8 mm the cell needs a minimum vertical flow velocity to obtain full accuracy. The cleaning procedure must be carried out very carefully, hence the glass cylinder is very sensitive against shock and impact

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Technical data:
Model: 7-pole electrode cell
Ranges: 0 – 70ms/cm (other range is on request)
Response time: 150 ms
Reproducibility: < 0.002 ms /cm
Accuracy: +-0.002 ms/cm
Maximum depth: 12.000 m


Technical Specifications

  • rugged construction
  • platinum cell for high quality measurements
  • independent from electrical fields and magnetic effects
  • measuring ranges: 0…1, 0…6 and 0…60 mS/cm
  • for depths of up to 500 m


  • output: analogue ± 2,5 Volt or 0…2,5 Volt DC (standard)
  • other outputs on request
  • power supply: 9-18 V DC
  • current consumption: 20 mA
  • Connector: Subconn MC-BH-4M titanium or BH-4M titanium



diameter of the housing: 39 mm

total length: approx. 270 mm


Weight ( in air ):
approx. 300 g

Depth range:
up to 500 m