Shear sensor

Shear sensor

Shear sensor is used for the measurement of velocity microstructure. An axially symmetric airfoil of revolution stands out from a cone shaped metallic protection cap.The airfoil is connected by a cantilever with a piezoceramic beam inside the cap. The mean velocity due to the profiling speed of the probeis aligned with the axis of the airfoil. While the probe is not sensitive to axial forces the cross-stream (transverse) components of turbulent velocity produce a lifting force at the airfoil.The piezoceramic beam senses the lift force. The cantilever construction acts as a lever increasing the bending force at the positionof the beam. The output of the piezoceramic element is a voltage proportional to the instantaneous cross-stream component of the velocity field. The axis of sensivity of the shear probe is indicated by two marks at the housing of the sensor head near to the hexagonal section. The narrow gap between cantilever and cap prevents damage to the beam by strong bending. During in-situ operations, the interior of the cap is water filled. Side-holes at the upper end of the cap prevent air being trapped inside the cap.

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Technical data:

Manufacturer: ISW
Type: PNS01
Time constant: 4 msec
Power supply: +5 volt, -5 volt
Current consumption: <1 mA
Gain: 11
Filter: High pass 20dB/decade