Inductive conductivity sensor

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Inductive conductivity sensor

The sensor is characterized by its robustness and insensitivity to contamination or growth (biofouling).

The sensor basically consists of four components:

• oscillator
• 1st. toroid core (transmitter)
• 2nd toriod core (receiver)
• Receiver

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Both toroid cores are flowed through by the medium to be measured.
The oscillator generates a sinusoidal voltage with a frequency of about 30KHz. This signal is given to the winding of the 1st toriod core. This induces a current flow (in the μA range) in the medium to be measured. Due to the current flow, a voltage is induced in the second ring core and measured with the aid of the receiver. The level of the induced voltage is dependent on the conductivity of the medium.

The sensor housing is made of a plastic PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) and is connected to the probe via a titanium flange.