Success since 1998

The company Sea & Sun Technology GmbH has been established in 1998 in Trappenkamp in northern Germany. Since then it has been growing continuously.  The core competences are in the  development, production, and distribution of highly technological water measurement solutions.  The strongest core competence lies in the provision of system solutions from a single source.

An international distribution team realizes worldwide availability of our diverse range of products and services, including the distribution and installation of premium photovoltaic equipment and combined heat and power plants as well as ‘on demand maintenance and servicing’. Combining our core competences, we are able to build a biotechnological production of microalgae and the engineering of industrial processes.

To date, Sea & Sun Technology GmbH employs highly skilled staff including physicists, engineers, software specialists, biologists, and mechatronic technicians, many having 30 years experience in their respective fields.  As well as production, our facilities include a calibration laboratory that operates according to international standards, providing calibration of products to third parties.

Due to our policy of constant investment, the company is able to face upcoming challenges, and for those tasks that Sea& Sun Technology GmbH does not offer in its portfolio, we can offer a network of experienced partners, so we can assure to deliver from a single source.

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