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SST Probe Interface (FSK)

FSK Interface is the power supply board unit for all CTD probes produced by Sea & Sun Technology (“SST”). This interface is necessary to operate any SST-CTD via a winch and single conductor cables. The interface is supplied with 230VAC.

The interface needs to be connected between a winch and a PC. The probe will then be supplied by a constant current. The data is transmitted on the positive power supply line as FSK voltage modulation.
A demodulator converts the FSK coded data into a PC compatible RS232 or serial USB2 signal.



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Voltage: 230VAC+/- 15%
Frequency: 50/60Hz
Power in: 60W max
Fuse: 400mA slow blow, 5*20mm
Socket: IEC inlet


Material: Aluminium
Dimensions: w= 310mm, h= 110mm, d= 280mm
Weight: 4,1 kg

Data Transmission:

Sea cable

Socket: LEMOSA ERA.1Y.405.CLL
Cable connector: LEMOSA FFA.1Y.405.CLAC57
Max Output: 120VDC
Constant current: 100mA standard, depending on probe 350mA maximum
Start current +100% for 5 sec duration
Panel meter 1: 0…199.9 Volt.
Panel meter 2: 0…1999 mA.
FSK Signals: 35kHz/45kHz, 5Vpp sinusoidal waves


Socket: DB9S
Signals used: GND (pin5), TxD (Pin 3), RxD (Pin 2)
Data format: NRZ
Port specifications: Baud rate 1200/2400/4800
Parity: odd
Character length: 8 bit
Number of stop bits: 1
Data cable: DB9P on both ends (wired 1:1)
USB connecting cable