Sea & Sun Technology CEO Heinz Schelwat becomes Visiting Professor at Tianjin University

Sea & Sun Technology CEO Heinz Schelwat becomes Visiting Professor at Tianjin University

Tianjin: 16th of January: In a wonderful ceremony our CEO Heinz Schelwat received the certificate of appointment as visiting Professor. Mr. Ma Chunguang, the executive vice president of Zhonghuan Information College Tianjin University oft Technology and deputy secretary of the party committee gave him a warm welcome and pointed out the importance of this appointment.

The honor was give due to the deep experience of Heinz Schelwat in under water measurement. He promised to teach the young generation of engineers in the art and science of measuring our changing climate. He will assist in dealing with the current and future challenges of water monitoring, ocean science and water treatment. Heinz Schelwat will come to the Tianjin University Technology at least every three months. He will not only use that time to give lectures but also to educate the youth of China and Germany of working together, managing sustainable business and develop better monitoring infrastructure.

As the Sea & Sun Technology GmbH is currently preparing a joint venture in Tianjin together with Zhonghuan TIG and the TCOM he will be on site anyhow. The calibration laboratory and the production preparations for CTD water probes are already in preparation.

We do not konw yet wether we will talk in this blog about Prof. Heinz Schelwat in the future or wether we will keep on mentioning hin as Heinz Schelwat. For him it is important to remain the down to earth “Heinzi” from Northern Germany who people can rely on and who loves to develop better and better measuring products.

His inaugural lecture will be held in June this year. The title will be about: “Oceanographic measurement technology”.


Document of Appointment Visiting Professor Heinz Schelwat

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