Sea & Sun Technology to Receive TOP 100 Award for Innovative Companies

Photo by KD Busch / compamedia This text excerpt was distributed by the TOP 100 Organization. We are happy to circulate it here as well in English and German. And we are more than happy that we have been rewarded with that well renowned prize. Überlingen – Sea & Sun Technology GmbH, a company based in

Research Project on Anti-Fouling for Probes

Many of our clients are facing the problem of fouling on buoys and probes. This can lead to incorrect measurements or to heavy efforts on maintenance for those measurement points. Some providers suggest the use of antifouling chemicals that do not only harm algae and mussel growth but also the health of those dealing

New Calibration Laboratory in China is ready and will be up and running soon

Tianjin: 24th of January: Together with our shareholder and partner Zhonghuan TIG Meteorological Instruments Co., Ltd. from Tianjin Sea & Sun Technology has completed the construction of our mutual calibration laboratory within the corporate headquarter in Tianjin. Within some weeks our clients have a second possibility to have their CTD probes calibrated, without any problems