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Mettler Toledo – Redox sensor

For shallow water applications industrial sensors are best choice. Redox ORP combined electrodes are industrial sensors using a solid reference system (stiff polymer mass containing KCl) and an aperture diaphragm which allows direct contact between reference electrolyte and sample medium. Regeneration of the glass membrane or filling up electrolyte is not possible. When the lifetime of the sensor is over, it has to be replaced by a new one. The sensors have a standard S7/S8 head and are screwed into a flange with a fitting socket. A coaxial contact makes the electrical connection in the flange. Sealing between sensor and flange is achieved by an O-ring, which is part of the sensor.

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Technical data:          

Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo
Model: Pt 4805-DXK-S8/120
Measuring range: -2000 mV – 2000 mV
Maximum depth: 160 m
Shaft diameter: 12 mm
Length with flange: 167 mm
Response time: approx. 1 sec
Sensor head: S8
O-ring: 12*1,5 mm