Production of microalgae for food supplements, cosmetics and feed

In the end of 2010 the Sea & Sun Technology GmbH acquired a horticultural glasshouse facility with a total area of 16000 m2, that was converted into a microalgae production plant. Of the total 5000 m2 glasshouse area we currently use half of the space for the industrial production of microalgae.

Using the strengths of Sea & Sun Technology in the fields of measurement and energy technology and add up the expertise of our partner, Hako PlasTec GmbH, we currently develop a highly efficient photobioreactor (PBR).
For pre-cultivation of the algae we use column reactors. Additionally, large amounts of algae are produced in our Raceway ponds which have a capacity of 80.000 l.
Through the unique connection of renewable energy technology, such as solar and geothermal energy, with our latest probes, we intend to offer sustainable cultivation systems in the future.

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