Cogeneration for power generation and heating systems

The heart of a cogeneration plant (AFC) is a specially developed four-stroke engine, which is operated with diesel oil or gas. The engine drives a generator which generates electricity. That can either be fed into the public power grid, or as so-called stand-alone solution consumed by the household. The heat generated in the drive of the generator is fed via a plurality of heat exchanger to the heating circuit and the hot water supply. In general this meets basic heating needs.

The required installation space is not larger than that of a conventional heating system. The system works silently and automatically.

A “Dachs”from SenerTec guarantees safety and reliability. The compact energy system was tested over a period of about ten years by the famous company Fichtel & Sachs. Tests were conducted in 130 field test systems.

So far, over 20,000 systems are in operation.

Cogeneration for power generation and heating systems

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