Combined heat and power pays off

To save power and to live a environmentally conscious way is not always easy. In addition, many energy providers continuously increase their prices. This makes the accounting of service charges,despite all attempts to safe, even higher every year. Whoever wants to consume less primary energy to save money while protecting the environment and climate, should cover the electricity and heat demand with its own small power plant.

Advantages of the so-called combined heat and power plant:

No conduction losses and the energy produced can be used directly on site. We recommend, for example, the “Dachs”of SenerTec - a mini-CHP, which generates heat and electricity simultaneously  and directly in the place it is needed. The system reduces CO2 emissions and makes you independent of local utilities.

This saves money in the long term and also protects the environment.


How does a PCA pay off?

  • no petroleum tax
  • no environmental tax
  • no flow control
  • very cheap electricity bills
  • electricity feed-in

Example calculation:

TOTAL revenues per operating hour: 2,35 €
TOTAL expenses per operating hour: 1,66 €
INCOME 0,69 €
Income x 6.500 (annual full load hours) = 4.485 € p. a.
27.000,-- € (Excel capital cost tax) = 27.000,-- €
Invest / Income (payback period) = 6 years
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