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10 Year Warranty

Our Sea & Sun Technology probes are robust, reliable and of the highest quality. This not only means the highest accuracy for all of our sensors, but also means that our products provide exact data even under the toughest conditions (i.e. saltwater, in mines, or on stormy seas).  We produce all our probes with grade 4 titanium. It is the toughest titanium available on the market. Our engineers examine every product with meticulous quality control and we only use the best materials possible for everything we process from O-rings to batteries, and coating to switches. That is why we are very proud to offer a 10 year warranty on all our probes. This is valid for the entire product without the consumables. The warranty is exceptional in the industry of water monitoring and underwater measurement. In addition, it is valid for the entire 10 years, even if you happen to resell the products. We only require that they were calibrated at the appropriate intervals and were used properly.

Fast Sampling Rate

Sea & Sun Technology offers probes and sensors with a fast sampling rate. Those probes provide 10 data sets per second. This means: when a probe slides through the water with a speed of 1 meter per second, you will get a set of results every 10 centimeters. This way our customers can examine a body of water more precisely. This is important if, for example,  a project needs to find out about thermoclines or eddies, . An ordinary probe provides 4-5 data sets per second. For some limnologic or hydrographic research projects this is not enough. That is why SST provides solutions with a fast sampling rate or even an ultra fast sampling rate (up to 1024 data sets per second for 16 channels)

Ultra Fast Sampling Rate

Probes with an ultra fast sampling rate provide up to 1024 data sets per second for 16 channels. If water research and measurement projects require results per millimeter, then a probe with an ultra fast sampling rate is the solution. Such speed is valuable if you want to work with shear sensors, ultra fast temperature sensors, examine eddies or identify thermoclines. Not many suppliers in the world  provide the sampling rate of 10 milliseconds. The advantage of Sea & Sun Technology is that our team has supported many projects on eddies, currents, waves, dams etc. Our CTDs and microstructure probes can provide reliable results even in complicated research setups or difficult environments.

Worldwide Calibration Labs

Sea and Sun provides the service of four Calibration labs worldwide
Sea and Sun Technology has its own calibration lab. We are certified according to ISO 9001 with “best in class” service and quick response times. All parameters are evaluated according to the highest standards and follow the UNESCO formula.

4 other calibration labs are licensed and under preparation or running already:

  • 1 Calibration lab at Sea & Sun Technology headquarter
  • 1 in preparation in Russia, Novosibirsk
  • 3 in China (Hangzhou, Quingdao, Tianjin)

Since 1998  the TÜV has examined the headquarters , constantly monitored every single probe and all records delivered throughout the entire process of calibration. The underwater measurement specialists from our team constantly monitor the quality of the calibration of our partner labs. They receive the Sea & Sun Technology certification on an annual basis.

ISO-9001 Certified

Sea & Sun Technology is consistently certified according to ISO 9001. We received 21 of 22 points for our quality management principles. They include   strong customer focus, motivation and implication of top management, our unique “process approach” and continuous quality improvement methods. This certification process is important for us, because it is proof for our customers that they will receive steadfast high quality products and services. Since the last audit in 2017, it was pointed out that the quality management system is binding for all staff members, and constant improvements are part of our corporate culture.

Standard Battery Supply

Most of Sea & Sun Technology’s probes run on an internal battery which records data at programmable time intervals or pressure stamps. These standard batteries can be purchased in any harbor and in most little towns worldwide by our oceanographic science or water monitoring clients. In our standard probes the battery is protected by a titanium housing to keep it safe and constantly dry. It can also be easily replaced. The Sea & Sun technology engineers have developed measurement solutions that require the least amount of energy possible. Therefore an average measurement only consumes the energy output of a standard battery. We have focused on the needs of our partners from the limnologic, oceanographic and hydrographic institutions, and this in turn has motivated us to produce our probes to be extremely lightweight, robust, precise and easy to operate. In addition, if a client requires a constant energy supply, we can also provide stations on buoys or dams for those purposes.

Engineer Consulting

They mainly work on research and development projects for partners and institutions developing new and improved sensors, probes and procedures to achieve better results. Our mission is to develop and produce the best water measurement and monitoring tools in the world. If our clients come up with a research project or a difficult water monitoring challenge, the project will be discussed by our team of engineers and they will provide a suggestion for a probe that can provide a state-of-the- art solution. You can also benefit from our knowledge and start a research or development project together with the underwater measurement experts of Sea & Sun Technology.  Running such projects is part of our daily routine. About 35% of our time goes into water measurement research and development projects like this. It may be that your first contact is not an engineer, but we can promise all our clients that their water measurement tasks and challenges will always be discussed by our highly educated and experienced team of engineers.

20 Years in Business

In 1998 Heinz Schelwat and his partner Dr. Kurt Holtsch started the  Sea & Sun technology company. At that time, both founders were already very experienced  in the field of water measurement, for they had worked in the area for 10 years. Now the company consists of a team of 45 people and has a big history with its own or partner companies on various continents of our blue planet (Including a joint venture in China with the state-owned enterprise Zhonghuan TIG, part of the Zhonghuan group with 120.000 employees).  During these decades the main focus of Sea & Sun Technology was always product quality. We are one of those companies who put customer satisfaction first and we promise our customers a lot. In the end, reliable data is what our clients need most. We put our focus on  data quality and consistency. Over the years this reliable data will make our customers, our environment and our oceans more successful.

Full Ocean Depth

If research projects or deep sea mining projects go very deep, they go down to the abyssopelagic zone from 4000 to 6000 meters. With our probes like the CTD 48, or the CTD75 or CTD90 we can bring your data acquisition sources that deep.  With these products you can examine the regions down to full ocean depth, for research or the environmental monitoring around the deep-sea seafloor massive sulfides. The temperature here is around freezing and data acquisition along a cable with a length of  more than 6000 m needs a lot of expertise.  Good that our experienced team of engineers do such projects frequently. If you want to examine black smokers or underwater volcanoes, you should choose our selection of sensors that are H2S resistant. If your research project has special requirements, please make sure you let us know in our product selector.

Ultra Deep Sea

Some of our customers go to extremes. They run research projects in deep water trenches and canyons down to 10.911 meters, the deepest point of our blue planet. The pressure at the ultra deep sea is an incredible eight tons per square inch. That is approximately the weight of 48 Boeing 747 jets. Our probe, the CTD 48, can fulfill your quest for knowledge, even down in these depths. It is made from titanium grade 4, incorporating all of our knowledge and experience. Our team of engineers will be happy to support your projects in these regions, where scientific information is low and myths are high.

Titanium Housing

Titanium is the strongest metal you can process. Sea and Sun Technology only works with the most robust grades of this metal. The toughest grades of titanium are not only very strong but have the best product characteristics concerning corrosion. Our probes, many sensors and most protectors are made of titanium grade 2, 3 and 4; the toughest of the tough. The deeper our probes have to go, the tougher we produce the housing and the protections. If your project is to examine the deepest deep sea or the highest waves, our products can support your research or monitoring tasks. If you have to bring the probe back to a research vessel, you will be happy to have a titanium probe. If you ever saw a probe slamming against a ship body during stormy sea with high waves, you will know how important robust probes can be. That is why we can give a warranty of 10 years on all our probes. We know what we are doing and we do not accept any compromise regarding quality.

Light Weight

The Sea and Sun probes are amongst the smartest and lightest probes available on the global market. You will not find cables outside the probe that can corrode or tiny features that can break. We put all our engineering skills into the development of measurement tools that are light weighted, whilst robust. When our customers evaluate the water monitoring tools and probes on the market, they often require precise data and technical features for their monitoring of research projects. But when the measurement is done, handling becomes very important. Acquiring data should not require cranes or teams of researchers. Every man or woman should be able to carry and handle a standard probe. That is why we put a lot of focus on the production of very light weight titanium probes.