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Optical oxygen sensor (external)

The optical DO Sensor measures the partial pressure of the dissolved oxygen in liquids and gases. It utilizes a measuring principle based on red light excitation and lifetime detection in near infrared using luminescent oxygen indicators. Oxygen measurement is generally temperature dependent. Therefore, the optical DO Sensor is equipped with a temperature sensor for the measured medium and built-in temperature compensation.

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Technical data:

– manufacturer: SST
– measuring principle: lifetime detection of indicator luminescence
– max. sample rate: 4 samples per second
– measur. range: O2 partial pressure 0 – 500 mbar
– measur. range: O2 saturation 0 – 250 %
– Oxygen response time: 2 sec.
– measuring range Ti: -5°C – 60°C
– Temperature response time: <6 sec.
– accuracy: +/- 2%
– maximum depth: 6000 m