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AMT – pH sensor

The pH Sensor uses a pressure-balanced glass electrode with a built-in reference to provide in-situ measurements up to 1200m depth. The sensor is equipped with a reference system using a solid gel (stiff polymer mass containing Ag+-free KCl) and a ceramic pore diaphragm. The pH probe is permanently sealed and supplied with a soaker bottle attachment. The bottle contents must always contain a storage solution when the probe is out of use. The storage solution should be a 3m KCl solution with a buffered pH value of approximately 3,5…4, that prevents the reference electrode from drying out during storage.
This sensor is absolutely H2S resistant due to the silver-free reference electrolyte.

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Technical data:                      

Manufacturer: AMT
Measuring range: 4-10 *
Maximum depth: 1200m **
Shaft diameter: 12 mm
Shaft material: transparent plastic
Bulkhead material: Stainless steel
Thread: G1/4 (ISO228)
Shaft length: 84 mm
Length with flange: 150 mm
Response time: approx. 1 sec
O-rings (flange): 2 x 13*1,5 mm
O-ring (bottle): 12*1,5 mm

* pH range of 0 – 14 is recommended for measuring in H2S containing solutions.

** 1200m is the nominal depth rate for the specified accuracy. This sensor is pressure resistant up to several thousand meters depth with a slight decrease of performance