Standard Data Acquisition Software

Supported probes
Oceanographic and limnologic probes from:
    •    ADM - Analoge Digitale Meßsysteme
    •    ASD-Sensortechnik
    •    ME - Meerestechnik Elektronik
    •    Sea-Bird Electronics
    •    Sea & Sun Technology
    •    Trios, CAPSUM, DataDis
    •    ...and probes and devices from other vendors that are compatible to any of these also supported are:

    •    (D)GPS navigation receivers with NMEA183 (any vendor)
    •    Echo-sounders / Fish-finders with NMEA183 (any vendor)
    •    PAAR thermometers (Merz GmbH)
    •    ParoScientific Pressure Gauges
    •    Hydro-Bios Carousel Water-samplers
    •    ADM BIO-FISH (incl. Remote Control)

Supports up to 8 probes simultaneously on COM1: to COMxx: including PCMCIA cards and USB-serial converters. Menus and dialog language can be localized, currently English and German are available. User can build additional language files for his preferred language.
Display of Data
3 different types of text windows and 2 graphic windows:
    •    Scrolled text ( smooth scroll )
    •    Table text ( all information of a sensor in one line )
    •    Large Table text ( large letters to be viewed from a distance )
    •    XY - Graphic ( with semi-automatic axis-scalation, electronic sea-charts may be used as background for GPS navigation)
    •    Moving Graphic ( simulation of a chart recorder )

All windows are scalable and may be open and active at the same time. Virtually unlimited number of sensors displayed in each window. Configuration of text- and graphic-windows by intuitive context sensitive dialogs. Configurations can be stored and reloaded at any time in project files.

Storage of data

    •    Storage of data to disk in space-saving binary format (well documented)
    •    3 modes for logging: Continuous (all data received), Time dependant (several schemes with/without averaging), Value dependant (pressure profiles etc.)
    •    Header-Comment stores information about environment or events
    •    Conversion of binary raw data files to ASCII - files (EXCEL® compatible-format) for further evaluation
    •    Optional Data evaluation software package available for in-depth validation, filtering and calculation.

Help system
    •    Online Help contains complete manual
    •    Context sensitive help via the F1 key (Function key #1) at any time
PC/OS Requirements
    •    Moderate PC-hardware requirements: Pentium-class PC or Laptop
    •    Runs on WIN95 and newer, WIN NT and newer up to Win7
    •    True 32bit Windows(TM) application, needs no special drivers nor DLL's !
    •    Easy to use, only basic knowledge of Windows necessary
    •    Small footprint: program-, configuration- and help-files use less than 3 megabytes on hard-disk!

    •    Online probe data can be distributed to one or more clients via TCP/IP-network. SDA can be used as server or client or both.
Option Pack: Memory probes
Comfortable configuration and readout of Memory-Probes from several vendors integrated into unified user interface:
    •    ADM - Analoge Digitale Meßsysteme
    •    ME - Meerestechnik Elektronik
    •    Sea-Bird Electronics
    •    Sea & Sun Technology

Additional features
    •    Online printing for protocols
    •    Offline printing of graphic windows and scrolled windows
    •    Offline hardcopy to *.BMP graphic files
    •    Field calibration for some sensor types
    •    Air pressure compensation
    •    Import of data files and configuration files from several ancient DOS-programs.

The number of supported vendors and probes is constantly increasing, ask for details. We aim to include any probes (and devices) of interest to our customers into the scope of this program. Our target is to produce a true cross-vendor data acquisition program for the oceanographic and limnologic public to overcome the legacies of programs that only support one probe from only one vendor !

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