Led Fluorometer

The Sea & Sun Technology LED Fluorometer is an optical in situ instrument to quantify chlorophyll up to 500 m depth. It emits light at a wavelength of 465nm and detects the fluorescence-response of chlorophyll at 695nm independent from ambient light. It was designed for integration in SST Multi Parameter Probes but also in anyother measuring systems. Therefore it comes with an analogue output of 0..5 VDC, small housing and low power consumption.

A digital data output in RS232/ASCII format, SST-HHL format and NMEA-style could be offered on request. For adjusting the dynamic range, the sensor has two control lines. To avoid biofouling, the optical window is made from glass and has a planar surface, thus a wiper could be installed easily. Additionally the sensor head is made from cupper. 
Other parameters on request.

Key features:

  • 500 m pressure housing
  • glass window
  • Automatic compensation of dropping LED intensity
  • integrated calibration function
  • analogue and digital output
  • 16Bit-ADC/DAC
  • ambient light suppression
  • three ranges
  • small size: 25 mm diameter/150 mm lenght
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