Response Time Fast Optical Oxygen Sensor

One of the latest developments of SST is the fast optical oxygen sensor. It is capable of measuring dissolved oxygen with highest precision. The measuring principle is based on red light excitation. Indicators showing luminescence in the near infrared (NIR), which decreases with increasing oxygen (quenching effect). The red light excitation significantly reduces interferences caused by autofluorescence and reduces stress in biological systems.

The sensor is equipped with an own temperature sensor for internal calculation and linearization. Due to its analog output it can easily be connected to SST multiparameter probes as well as to third party equipment.

Technical Specifications:

• excitation wavelength: 620 nm

• detection wavelength: 760 nm

• max. sample rate: 2 samples / second

• internal resolution: 14 bit

• low power consumption

• analog Output: 0–2.5 VDC

• operational depths down to 6000 m

• titanium housing

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