DST-6 Deep Sea Telemetry

Subsea Data Transmission System

Subsea Data Transmission System

The DST-6 was designed for all applications where high speed data transmission from a towed fish over long cables and ship winches are required. This system has effectively solved the problem with high speed serial data transmission of up to 921,6k and has proven its reliability in real-time data monitoring.

For detailed information download the DST-6 data sheet

System properties

  • Operation on all coaxial deep sea cables
  • Bit rates up to 25Mbit/s (100Mbit/s optional)
  • Bit rate more than 8Mbit/s @ 10 km cable
  • Remote controlled full HD recording with suitable camcorders and simultaneous online monitoring
    (Res.720*576 pixel @ 25 frames/sec)
  • Support of analog dimmed LED lamps
  • 3 trigger channels
  • expandable to more than six connected devices

Telemetry – faster reaching goals

For exact data combined with fast data retrieval on deck, we can offer telemetry systems that work down to 6000 m at 80°C. The telemetry system is a powerful deep sea data communication system that transfers data with up to 100 Mbit/s. Software specially programmed for this system is offered for data retrieval and analysis. Sea & Sun Technology GmbH is highly reputed for its data transfer methods on oceanographic research vessels.

  • Deck unit
    • Input power supply 85 – 265Vac
    • Sea cable output 365Vdc up to 500W
    • optional adjustable up to 600 Vdc (1,2kW max)
    • Network interface LAN/Ethernet RJ45
  • Underwater unit
    • Input voltage range 180 – 375Vdc
    • Standard output voltage 24V
    • Output power max. 250 Watt:
      6 bidirectional ports 3*RS232, 3*RS422,
      max. baud rate 921,6k
      LAN/Ethernet for video applications
      e.g. IP cameras
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