Multiparameter probe CTD 90M | Multiparametersonde

The CTD90M is a high quality, high accuracy multiparameter logging probe for oceanographic and limnologic measurement of physical, chemical and optical parameters in up to 500 m water depth. SST's CTD90M runs from an internal battery and records date at programmable time intervals or pressure stamps in a non volatile FLASH memory with a capacity of 4 Mbytes. A standard RS-232 interface is used for programming, telemetry output and date extraction. The supplied Standard Date Acquisition Software package "SSTSDA" for Win" 95/98/NT includes the handling of the logging process and the display of online or recorded date with a shared graphic user interface.

(The image presents an example of the CTD90M probe equipped with the sensors C, T, D, O2, turbidity and inductive current meter)

The CTD90M allows the simultaneous measurement of following parameters:

  • Pressure (depth)
  • Temperature
  • Conductivity
  • pH
  • Redox
  • dissolved oxygen
  • Light transmission
  • Light scattering (90°)

Other sensors on request.
All sensors are protected by a titanium cage.

Main Features

  • low weight
  • easy handling
  • max. 9 sensors
  • max. 4 external units
  • corrosions free housing
  • depth range up to 6000m
  • control and operation of water samplers and plancton nets
  • SDA data aquisition software running under Windows95/98/Me/2000/XP
  • calculations according to UNESCO formulas
  • internal battery: alkaline, 8 Ah


  • Housing: Titanium
  • Stainless steel
  • Connector: Titanium, Neopren

Dimensions and Weights

  • L (housing) 350 mm
  • Ø (housing) 89 mm
  • L (overall) 600 mm
  • W (in air) app. 4 kg (without current meter)


Recording modes

Continuous mode
Each data set is stored.

Time mode
Data sets are stored only at programmable intervals with several selectable schemes.

Pressure mode
Data sets are stored at programmable depth stamps. More than 100 casts can be stored at profiling and continuous mode as long as the flash-memory or battery capacity is sufficient. The start of a cast is possible using a magnet, the probe must not be connected to a computer. Up to 250000 CTD data sets can be recorded, the actual number depends an the selected storage options and the number of sensors adapted to the probe.

The probe is equipped with a precision microprocessor controlled 16 bit analogue to digital 16 channel converter. Data is available as RS-232 signal (multi-conductor sea-cable) and as digital FSK signal modulated an constant current (single conductor sea-cable).The probe can be powered by battery or DC-power supply (9 to 18 Volt) when using RS-232 output (3 wire connection for skort distances) or by constant current with FSK telemetry output (coaxial connection) for longer distances. An interface for constant current supply is available.

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