Multiparameter probe CTD 48c | Multiparametersonde


The NEW  CTD48c / CTD48Mc probes are very small and handy microprocessor controlled Multiparameter Probes for precise online measurements as well as for self-contained operation in deep and shallow water. The difference between the new  CTD48c / CTD48Mc and the previous version are:

·         new powerful controller

·         larger memory for storing data

·         calibration coefficients  stored inside the probe

·         output of calculated / physical data

·         more and powerful interfaces

·         with rechargeable batteries available ( probe must not be opened )

Due to its small size and low weight of 1.2 kg, it is particularly suited for the mounting on ROVs and bottom landers. The probe is completely made of titanium (except the screws).
The housing is inert against nearly all chemical compounds and absolutely corrosion free.

Due to the small housing diameter of 48 mm (including sensor protection tube) the probe can also be used for profiling in 2” boreholes.


The standard CTD48Mc allows operation in different modes:

·         Time mode

·         Increment mode

·         Continuous mode

·         RS232, FSK or Ethernet in online mode

·         fast readout of stored data via USB

Time mode is the most important mode for long term measurements, where the operator selects start and stop time and the measuring time interval. Increment mode is mainly used during profiling and enables the user to carry out a great number of profiles with data reduction and without the need to upload stored data file after each measured profile.
The user selects start and end depth and increment size. The probe then stores automatically a complete data set at each increment depth.

The CTD48Mc is equipped with an 8 channel data acquisition system with 20 bit resolution.
A high long-term stability and automatic self-calibration of the analogue digital converter guarantees stable and precise CTD measurements for many years.


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