Conductivity Sensor

The new 7-pole-cell conductivity sensor with analogue output is aimed at probe systems with builtin multi-channel data acquisition. The principle of measu-rement used makes it independent from electrical fields and magnetic effects.

It's absolutely linear slope within the whole measuring range gives an easy adaptation to existing firmware.Using comparably large dimensions for the conductivity cell leads to long unattended mea-suring times, as biological activity at the sensor has only small degrading effects.

The sensor's housing is made of titanium and is pressure resistant up to 500 dbar making it ideally suited for long time monitoring systems even at corrosive environments.The connection of the sensor to the data acquisition system is done by a multicore sea cable for power supply and analogue voltage.

Technical Specifications

  • rugged construction
  • platinum cell for high quality measurements
  • independent from electrical fields and magnetic effects
  • measuring ranges: 0...1, 0...6 and 0...60 mS/cm
  • for depths of up to 500 m

Dimensions and weights

  • diameter of the housing: 39 mm
  • total length: approx. 270 mm
  • weight in air: approx. 300 g
  • housing material: titanium


  • output: analogue ± 2,5 Volt or 0...2,5 Volt DC (standard)
  • other outputs on request
  • power supply: 9-18 V DC
  • current consumption: 20 mA
  • Connector: Subconn MC-BH-4M titanium or BH-4M titanium
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