Multiparameter probe CTD 48 | Multiparametersonde

The CTD48 is a small and handy micro processor controlled multiparameter probe for accurate measurements of pressure, temperature and conductivityThe probe is especially designed for limnological measurements on lakes rivers and estuarys but can be used also in shallow water and in the oceanographic range up to 2000 m depth. The probe is equipped with a 4 channel 16 bit data acquisition system of high long-term stability which meets the  high  precision requirements necessary for oceanographic measurements.

Due to its low weigth the CTD48 is well suited for portable applications without winches. In this case the probe has to be supplied by battery and data is transmitted via RS 232 port to PC, laptop or portable field unit. A 4,3mm multiconductor cable  is the connection between PC and probe and can be used up to several hundred meters distance. The CTD48 is well suited for borehole applications. The small diameter allows measurements in boreholes from 2” to 4” size.The probe and sensors are made of corrosion free materials. Housing and sensor protection tube  have a rugged design.

Standard models are:

1. CTD
2. CTD + fast oxygen sensor *
3. H2S-probe with P, T, pH, H2S *

* see separate data sheets

Main Features

  • low weight
  • easy handling
  • max. 4 sensors
  • corrosions free housing
  • depth range up to 2000m
  • SDA data aquisition software running under Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP
  • Calculation of sound velocity and salinity according to UNESCO formulas


  • Housing: Titanium
  • Connector: Titanium, Neopren

Dimensions and Weights

  • L (housing) app. 210 mm
  • Ø (housing) 48 mm
  • L (overall) app. 400 mm
  • W (in air) app. 1 kg

Electrical specifications

  • Power: 9…30 VDC
  • Current consumption: 30 mA
  • Serial port: RS 232
  • Port specifications : 1200,o,8,1
  • Data transmission : 5 CTD sets/s
  • Option: FSK telemetry
  • Connector: MCBH4M Ti

The probe can be powered by battery or DC-power supply (9 to 30 Volt) when using RS-232 output or optional by constant current with FSK telemetry output (coaxial connection) for longer distances. FSK telemetry requires an additional interface for constant current supply and frequency demodulating

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