IWS Integrating Water Sampler Version II

The IWS sampler has been developed to take integrated samples from a watercolumn in accordance to meet the proposed requirements of the EU-WFD.

The desired depth (start and final depth free selectable) are programmed and stored in the sampler via a handterminal. The recommended speed for lowering is shown in the display. The electronics will regulate if lowering is not constant - moving of the boat or rough sea etc. After reaching the final depth the sampler can pulled up with a total content of 2.5 or 5 litres.
Due to the free selectable depth it is possible to get samples even from a segment of the water column.
As option the IWS can be equipped as an online sampler - actual depth will be shown on the display or PC with OceanLab-Software.


Electronically controlled sampling

• integrated samples from a watercolumn
  according to EU-WFD proposal
• free selectable start and final depth
• precise sampling even at boat
• moving or rough sea
• PC software OceanLab 3
• easy handling

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