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Who we are and what Sea & Sun Technology is currently achieving

Sea & Sun Technology provides best-in-class water probes and solutions for the maritime sector and the limnic sector to measure water quality and to improve the quality of the most important resource we have on earth: clean water

Since 1998 we are an international provider for high quality water measurements, certified according to ISO 9001. Thanks to constant innovations and 3 own calibration labs worldwide our probes provide precise results according to highest standards. Our specialists and experienced engineers help our clients solving their problems and achieving their goals. For each client we provide expert advice: Our clients come from

  • scientific institutes from limnic or the maritime research
  • governmental institutes for water quality monitoring
  • navy
  • offshore industry
  • deep sea mining
  • waste water treatment
  • mining

We solve your water measurement challenges!


The core competences of Sea & Sun Technology during the last 20 years are the development, production, and distribution of highly technological water measurement solutions. We provide system solutions from a single source so our clients can rely on a solution that really works, even under the roughest conditions on high seas.

We provide reliable data so our clients can fullfil their important tasks.

Innovations for water measurement:

With our German quality approach and our 10 years warranty on all our titanium probes we provide the reliability our clients need.

Even in difficult environments our clients can rely on us: From the high seas to wastewater treatment plants we generate the data you can rely on as the basis to make the right decisions. And if you have a research project where special developments are needed, Sea & Sun Technology will develop the necessary products together with you.

35% of our revenue comes from research projects. This will ensure that our clients will always have the best possible water measurement sensors and probes to provide best possible water measurement results.

Our latest products:

Sea & Sun Data Watch

Sea & Sun Data Watch to acquire all data from our probes directly via our Bluetooth cable drum.
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Reliable distribution partners on all continents:

For the support and sales of our products we provide 3 certified calibration labs worldwide and en expert network of specialists and sales partners who can support our clients.

Our latest research projects:

New Aquisition Software

All our clients will receive the new probe data software as soon as it is available. With this new software, data handling will be even more convenient.

Autonomous Underwater Vehicle

Finalization of the Monsun AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) developed together with the University of Lübeck Institute of Computer Engineering to be used in robot swarms.
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BOSS - video system and sensoric for bionic

One of the prestigious research projects from the German Ministry for Economic Affairs together with our partner evologic and others.

And many more. But we may not communicate most of our research projects.

Our current research projects:

This is a part of our current list of research project. Sorry if we cannot disclose all of our current projects. But some have a non-disclosure agreement.

Ammunition sensor

One project is an ammunition sensor for detection of lost ammunition under water

Algae Fluorometer

Algae Fluorometer for in situ measurement and calculation of the exact amount of dead and vital algae in the water.

Measuring boye

A boye as measuring station for permanent measurement of all water quality and current with anti fouling protection.

Smart sensors

Smart sensors, where all data is stored directly within the sensor in order to provide consistent data for all evaluations

Monsun Mosaik

Participation in the working group to development and marketreadyness for this AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) developed together with the Institute of Computer Engineering to be used in robot swarms.








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And many other projects that we cannot mention here yet.

Sea & Sun Technology is a certified and honoured company

Global Excellence

Sea & Sun China Certificate

Again Sea & Sun was awarded: for the Best International Underwater Measurement Systems Provider.

Metrology Certificate

Sea & Sun Technology - China Certificate

The Certificate of pattern approval of measurement facilities (called also as Metrology Certificate) is issued directly by Russian Federal Technical Regulation and Metrology (Rosstandard). This is an institution of the state to control the instrument and verify its margin of inaccuracy. The certificate attests that a metrological instrument for measuring values is used to be officially and has passed all the tests provided technical and metrological and comply with the requirements of current legislation in the Russian Federation.

ISO 9001 Certificate


For many years Sea & Sun Technology bears the ISO 9001 certificate to assure best quality for our clients.

Top innovator award

TOP-Innovator 2019

Sea & Sun Technology has been selected as one of the 100 most innovative companies in Germany.

Sea & Sun Technology has been awarded to be:

    • Company of the Year – Marine Technology Industry 2016
    • Best International Underwater Measurement Systems Provider – Germany
    • Growth Strategy Company of the Year, Germany – 2016

Heinz Schelwat was appointed as Professor for under water measurement at Zhonghuan Information College, Tianjin University of Technology

Current development and history of Sea & Sun Technology

Important commercial developments from 2017

  • The turnover grew by more than 30%
  • New strategic investment partner Zhonghuan TIG bought 20% of Sea & Sun Shares. Together we will develop the Chinese market.
  • New products were developed together with Chinese partner Hisun
  • New distribution partners in Indonesia and Malaysia joined the distribution network

The company has been established in 1998 in Trappenkamp in northern Germany. Since then it has been growing continuously. Within the last 3 years Sea & Sun Technology doubled the turnover and plans to achieve a record revenue in 2018.

Four Calibration labs worldwide

Sea and Sun Technology has an own calibration lab certified according to ISO 9001 with best in class service and fast response times. All parameters are evaluated according to UNESCO standards.

4 other calibration labs are licenced and under preparation or running already in

  • 3 in China
  • 1 in Russia

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Our Partner Companies worldwide:

Sea & Sun Hydro

Our partner with focus is mariculture and tidal stream energy in coastal and offshore regions combining in-situ observations, remote sensing techniques and numerical models. Sea & Sun Hydro also provides value-added services and products such as the development and application of decision support systems, operational models and early warning systems dedicated to coastal and offshore

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Sea & Sun Organic

Since 2011 Sea & Sun Technology is running an algae cultivation plant. Besides the production of other algae like Arthrospira platensis (Spirulina) we are aiming on the production of natural Astaxanthin from Haematococcus pluvialis (“Made in Germany”). The greenhouse with a total area of 6000 m2 is currently equipped with Open Raceway Ponds with volumes from 4.000 – 50.000 L each as well as photobioreactors (bubble columns, flat plate) with a total production volume of 8.000 L. Machines for the downstream processing (centrifuge, chain mill, spray dryer) are available.
To ensure the quality of microalgae products and to improve our work scientists from interdisciplinary fields are working in the R&D lab. Together with several universities and other companies various microalgae-projects have been implemented within the last years.

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Sea & Sun Energy

Alternative energies are becoming increasingly important, especially solar energy which is much in focus for private and commercial real estate owners. Sea & Sun Technology GmbH are specialised in the distribution of high quality photovoltaic panels. We offer consulting, planning, and assembling, implementing, and maintenance of the delivered systems from 5KW up to 15MW. Furthermore, we can offer combined heat and power plants ranging from small to large plants in collaboration with SenerTec.

Further partners:

marine • environmental • development med consultants GmbH

marine • environmental • development med consultants GmbH
Marieneher Straße 1, D- 18069 Rostock
Tel.: +49 (0)381 519 23 05 | Fax.: +49 (0)381 440 777 62 | Internet: www.marine-endeco.de

Our Memberships:

Maritime Cluster Norther Germany

DeepSea Mining Alliance e.V.

ZhongHuan TIG co. ,ltd

German Association for marine technology

Lifescience Nord


The Management: