How it works

Installation of solar modules
Our advanced assembly systems allow a quick and secure fastening of the modules to all current roof materials and shapes.  Also possible is the free standing of panels.

Electric interconnection
The components of the system are equipped with plug connectors, therefore no complex interconnection is needed.  Near to the electricity distribution of the house a national grid feeding-in meter is installed.  The solar panels and the feeding-in meter are connected via DC-current cables.

Connecting to the national grid
Now the  feeding-in module is installed to connect between the solar modules and the national grid.  It converts the DC-current supplied by the solar modules to grid conforming AC-current.  To meassure the amount of the produced solar electricity a separate meter is installed within the house.

Launching the solar electricity equipment
The electrician arranges a launching date with the energy supplier.  All important operations are checked and logged.  The equipment will be approved and with the first light your meter starts up, it will register each and every kWh for at least the next 20 years.

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