Solar electricity - direct transformation of sunlight into current

Solar electricity is the elegant and fascinating energy technology of the future. This technology does not require moving parts or high temperatures to operate. 

It works noise and exhaust-free. In practice two versions are available: public grid feeding systems and isolated solutions. With the first option the surplus current is fed into the public electricity grid, receiving commission. 

With the isolated solution the electricity is produced to individually supply weekend houses, sailing boats or camping cars. Sea & Sun Technology GmbH exclusively uses branded articles of BP,Hyundai, Sanyo and REC. Due to our specialised knowledge we are a BP certified plumber, which gives you the following advantages:

  • Exclusive range on quality products
  • Many years of experience with solar electricity
  • Expert consultation and professional planning
  • Great product knowledge on BP solar modules
  • Observance of safety standards
  • High reliabilityProfessional assembly
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