Seychelle Energetic Efficiency Consulting | SEEC

Alternative energies and efficient energy use gain more and more importance in times of climate change. Sea and Sun Technology GmbH demonstrates in its pilot project at the Seychelles how the potential of it can be utilised. We developed a concept, which describes a strategy of how the Seychelles can become independent from purchasing oil and furthermore create energy self-sufficiently.

The concept is based on a 3-steps-plan.

The first step evaluates how energy efficiency can be applied in Seychelles daily life.

To do so, experts installed energetic efficient and tropicalised domestic appliances on households at Seychelles. In combination with other alternative sources, such as solar and photovoltaic panels we realised significant energy savings. We developed special methods to measure the success.

The following step would be to apply this to a bigger number of households. The conclusion is that if all 21.000 households of the republic of Seychelles would be equipped with our energy efficient solutions, a saving of 15 % of oil usage is possible. The optimal combination of energy efficient concepts and alternative energy sources creates solutions for the future. For implementing the strategy Sea and Sun Technology GmbH serves as a competent partner and consultant. Currently, we work with other partners on building further photovoltaic
reference plants between 1-10 kWp.

This project is sponsored by the German Energy Agency GmbH (dena), a public-privatepartnershipprogram.

Since 2004 dena supports worldwide programs and initiatives dealing with solar energy.

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